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Features & Technology

At XON Studios we provide creative Immersive solutions

using high-performance LED, Unreal Engine, Disguise, and mo-sys.​

Our passion pushes the boundaries of entertainment production.

LED Wall

XON Studio builds an In-Camera VFX solution using LED Wall. Our strength is an innovative content production pipeline that can be filmed without time and space constraints.


LED Technology

LED Front Wall
Circumference: 20 m
Height: 5.0 m
Diameter: 14.16 m

Depth: 6.0 m
Pixelpitch: 2.3 mm
Resolution: 8640 x 2160 px

LED Side Wall
Width: L / R 5.0 m
Height: 5.0 m
Pixelpitch: 2.5 mm
Resolution: 2000 x 2000 px

LED Ceiling wall
Width 10 m
Depth: 5.0 m
Pixelpitch: 2.5 mm
Resolution: 4000 x 2000 px


Virtual Production

Xon’s solution is efficient, flexible, and creative.

We provide full technical and creative production services, including Virtual Pre-viz and Scene creation to Digital Human.

Virtual Production for film and TV

Virtual Pre-Viz

It reduces production time. You can control all aspects of shooting, including camera settings, actor placement, props, position, and lens lighting.

Real-Time Scene Creation

XON STUDIOS can scan large-scale scenes that represents real environment in real time using photogram measurement, LIDAR, and A.I.

Digital Human in Virtual Production

You can see the final quality in real-time to edit camera angles, lighting, and background using volumetric video to bring crowds and 3D actors to the unreal screen.

xR Content

XON STUDIOS realizes story living beyond storytelling by connecting technology and creativity. Our ideas and creative execution drive the Interactive Experience field.


Using xR to redefine storytelling

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