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In-Camera Technology)

XON Studios is the first and largest LED Volume in Korea.

This is a Virtual Production set that is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to express the background on LED Screens without set construction so that people and backgrounds can be taken pictures as if they were in one space.


LED Wall specification

LED Front Wall
LED Type: SMD1515(3 in1)

Pixel pitch: 2.5 mm

Color Temperature: 6500~10000
Brightness: 1000~1500nit

Contrast: 5000:1

Viewing angle(H/V): 140°~160°

Refresh rate: 3840hz~7680hz

Grayscale: 16bit

Input: 10bit / HDR 

Camera Tracker System

Mo-sys Star Tracker

StarTracker is the first optical solution built from the ground up to address

  in-studio camera tracking.

It is a system that enables more precise, faster, and various tracking than

the existing VR tracker.


Disguise Platform

Disguise VX4

VX4 plays higher quality 10bit 4K 4Ch output, higher quality resolution than ever before.

LED Technical Possibilities

Live Composing

Image-based Lighting

Realistic Reflection

Camera Tracking with LiveLink

Visually Compelling Backgrounds

Set Extension Tools

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